How it Works

Minute7 - How it Works

Time and Expense Entry

Employees and vendors access Minute7 and enter time and expenses on their desktop, notebook, or mobile devices. Account owners control permissions, customer/job access and approvals.

Manage Data at Minute7

Minute7 securely stores your data on our cloud servers. Account owners can view reports, approve and manage employee/vendor entries. If there's ever a question about an entry, notifications can be sent to employees for clarification.

Sync with QuickBooks

Account owners sync Minute7 with QuickBooks to retrieve time and expense entries. Your Customers/Jobs and Employees/Vendors are also sent to Minute7 to keep your lists current.

System Requirements

There are two sets of requirements for Minute7.

Employees and Vendors can access Minute7 from any modern web browser on any operating system or mobile device. Our iPhone and iPad apps are ready and enable a native app experience. Most mobile web browsers support our mobile site at

Account Owners must have QuickBooks Online Edition or Microsoft Windows with QuickBooks Desktop Edition 2006 or later, and the QuickBooks Web Connector installed. For Mac users, you will need software like Parallels to run the Windows version of QuickBooks (which is functionally different from the Mac OS version).

Employees / Vendors

Minute7 is accessible from any modern web browser. We recommend Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Explorer. End user requirements

Account Owners

Account owner requirements

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  • No Setup Fees, No Credit Card Required

    There are no signup, setup, software, hardware, download or update costs.

  • $4 USD per user, per month

    After your trial, you'll only be charged for the employee and contractor user accounts you give access to in Minute7.

  • Safe and Secure

    We use the same SSL encryption technology as major banks to keep your private data completely safe.

  • Quick and Easy Start Up

    Just sync with QuickBooks™, create users, and start saving time.