Other Synchronization Questions

What will Minute7 change in my QuickBooks file?
Minute7 gets information about your Customer, Employee, Service Item, Vendor, and Class lists directly from QuickBooks, and automatically makes your QuickBooks-entered customer and service type information available to your employees on the Minute7 secure web interface. However, when you sync Minute7 and QuickBooks, the only change Minute7 will make in your QuickBooks file is to add time entries you've created in Minute7 to your QuickBooks timesheets. Minute7 will not change any data stored in your QuickBooks file for Customers, Employees, Service Items, and Vendors, and also will not change any existing time entries. You can rest assured that your QuickBooks file and the integrity of your company data are safe with Minute7.
I've synced Minute7 with QuickBooks, but Minute7 still tells me I need to sync before I can start using it. What should I do?
If you have synced Minute7 with QuickBooks, and QuickBooks Web Connector confirms the completion of the sync operation, try logging out of Minute7, then logging back in to refresh your account.
Figure 2
I've updated my employees, customers, or other data in QuickBooks, but I'm not ready to export time and expense entries yet. How can I sync without exporting time and expense entries?
By default, when you sync Minute7 with QuickBooks, Minute7 will update all of your Customer, Employee, Service Item, Vendor, and Class lists directly from QuickBooks, and it will also export the time and expense entries you created in Minute7 to QuickBooks.

If you want to update your data lists but not export time and expense entries, you can do so as an Account Manager from the Account Management screen: just click on the link under "QuickBooks Sync" that says "Don't export time and expense entries". The next time you sync Minute7 with QuickBooks, time and expense entries will not be exported, but your Employee, Customer, and other data lists will be updated.

Note that each time you sync, your account settings are reset so that time and expense entries will be exported with the following sync unless you specifically choose to not export the entries by clicking "Don't export time and expense entries."
How do I change my security settings for Minute7 in QuickBooks?
To change your security settings for the sync process after you have gone through the initial setup process, open your company file in QuickBooks. In the main menubar at the top, select "Edit", and then "Preferences...". The QuickBooks preference window will open up. In the left-hand column, choose "Integrated Applications" and select the "Company Preferences" tab. In the list of applications on that tab, select "Minute7" and click the "Properties..." button. This will open up a window detailing the settings QuickBooks has stored for Minute7. From there, you can change the Access Rights allowed to Minute7.
Can I edit time entries that have already been synced?
Minute7 does not alter time entries in QuickBooks that already exist or have previously been synced. This means you can be sure that the data you saw and approved when you synced will not be changed by a subsequent sync. You can tell if time entries in your searches and timesheets have already been synced with QuickBooks by looking for the "Synced" icon that appears in the right-hand column on time entry options. This is the "Synced" icon: Synced
If an entry has that icon beside it, changing or deleting the entry will not affect your company's QuickBooks file.

Note that if you want to be able to prevent particular time entries from being synced so that you can edit them at a later date, you can edit your Account Settings to adjust the number of hours that Minute7 waits after a time entry has been added or edited before syncing the time entry with QuickBooks. Alternatively, you can flag particular entries as 'Disapproved' (click the flag icon next to the entry in your timesheet, and the entry will turn red). Disapproved entries are never synced. When you're ready to sync the entry, just Approve the entry and it will sync normally.
How do I change the number of hours Minute7 waits after a time entry is created before exporting it?
By default, when you sync with QuickBooks, Minute7 will not export time entries that have been modified (or created) in the past 8 hours. We recommend keeping this setting, so that time entries are not edited after being synchronized to QuickBooks. If you wish to change this setting, you can do so on your Account Settings page.