Getting Started

  • QuickBooks Gold Certified Time Tracking

    Minute7 is a trusted application in the QuickBooks Developer Network, and has passed Intuit's rigorous technical review.

  • 30 Day Free Risk Free Trial

    Try Minute7 risk-free for 30 days. Simply sign-up. No credit card required. There is no effect on your QuickBooks data if you cancel.

  • Low Price Per User

    At only $8 per user per month, Minute7 is bottom-line friendly and there are no hidden fees. You never have to pay for a new version.

  • No Setup Fees

    There are no signup, setup, software, hardware, download or update costs. You can sign up for a free trial and cancel at any time with no obligations.

Digging In

  • Employee Time Management

    Employees and contractors can access their web-based timesheet from any web browser, day or night. Minute7 also lets you specify roles and permissions for employees, allowing full control over settings, helping you protect employee privacy and your company's information.

  • QuickBooks Company Data Import

    Synchronize your Customers, Employee, and Vendor lists directly with QuickBooks. Minute7 automatically makes your QuickBooks-entered customer and service item information available to your employees on its secure web interface, reducing errors and making time entry much faster.

  • Timesheet Syncing with QuickBooks

    Minute7 syncs easily with Desktop and Online editions of QuickBooks, meaning you can invoice your clients accurately and much more quickly than by entering time into QuickBooks manually. And, Minute7 only adds approved time and expense entries to your QuickBooks file, never changing your Customer, Employee, or Vendor data, so you can rest assured knowing your company information is intact.

  • Mobile Timesheets and Expenses

    Employees and contractors can access their web-based timesheet from most smartphones and web-enabled mobile devices. Enter time in the field, on the road or at the meeting.

  • Assign Classes

    Minute7 allows employees and vendors to assign classes from your QuickBooks Class lists to the time and expense entries they create, making end-of-month billing and categorizing as easy as a one-click sync! Read more about enabling QuickBooks classes.

  • Expense Tracking for Employees and Vendors

    Employees and vendors can track their expenses on the job whenever and wherever they're incurred with Minute7's secure and configurable web interface. Your employee and vendor expenses are synced directly with QuickBooks, so that you can easily create invoices, bill customers, and reimburse your employees and vendors!

  • Approve and Disapprove Time and Expenses

    Minute7 lets managers approve and disapprove time and expense entries prior to syncing them with QuickBooks. Since disapproved time and expense entries are not synced, Minute7 makes it easy for employees to search for their own disapproved entries to correct them prior to review by a manager.

  • Advanced Permissions Systems

    Minute7 gives you full control over user permissions, so you can decide who can see, edit, and approve time and expense entries, who can generate reports, and who can manage your account.

Safety and Control

  • Safe and Secure

    Minute7 employs the same SSL encryption technology as major banks to keep your private data completely safe. With control over user permissions settings and a full activity log, you can feel confident that your company's data is protected.

  • Your Data Is Protected

    Our servers are hosted at Amazon Web Services, one of the nation's leading hosting provider with secure datacenters, and we back up all data nightly, so you never have a rainy day.

  • Activity Log for Auditing and Compliance

    Minute7 has a comprehensive activity log that lets you (or employees you assign) review activity on your account using a convenient and complete interface. Activities such as time and expense entry, approval or disapproval, exports, and more appear in the log, making it easy to verify records and comply with accounting standards.

  • Customize Your Account

    Configure your account settings and manage users— even upload your company logo and choose your color scheme.

A Paper Trail— Sans Paper

  • Advanced Time Entry Reporting

    Quickly and effectively view summaries and reports of all the time your employees and vendors have entered. You can select custom dates, and filter and segment by employee, vendor, customer, and service type— or even mix-and-match to get exactly the data you want to see!

  • Search Time and Expenses

    Need to find that quarter hour you billed last month? No problem — just search and filter your results. Minute7 features an advanced search interface that lets you search by time and expense entry description and filter by employee, customer, task type, and more. Watch a video about entering time with Minute7

  • Employee Time Entry Reminders

    Employees can choose to receive reminders on a daily or weekly basis if they have not entered hours, making it easy to ensure everyone is up to date.

  • Automatic Reminders for Syncing

    When you export time entries, Minute7 allows you to set a reminder for your next sync. You can choose when —or if— you'd like to receive an email notice to let you know it's time to sync again.

  • Paperless 2013 Sponsor

    Minute7 is a proud member of the Paperless Coalition, helping to take the paper out of paperwork. To learn more, visit and take the pledge to go paperless this year.